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March 13, 2011


  Hot News
It was Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt's birthday (29th July). He's 42. But even while he is away on a shoot in Ooty, Sanjay has other things on his mind. Detailed News>>>
  National Award split between two
At the 49th National Film Awards this year, Tabu and Shobhana have both been awarded the National Award for the Best Actress, for Chandni Bar and Mitr- My Friend respectivelyDetailed News>>>
  Devdas costumes for sale!!
Producer Bharat Shah will be auctioning the original costumes of 'Devdas' in UK after a few weeks. So why settle for less…when you can have the real thing? Detailed News>>>

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National Award for 'Best Actress' split between Tabu & Shobhna!
Devdas costumes to be auctioned in UK
Anupam Kher's directorial venture 'OJJ' bites the dust!

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