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  Web related links  
JavaScript, DHTML, JAVA, CGI and Search Engines
  DoubleYou Works
Dynamic Drive
JavaScript FAQ
DHTML and JavaScripts
Cross-Browser DHTML
Links to Other Resources
Lots of scripts, ASP, Java

The Webmaster's Reference
Java Goodies
JavaScript Reference
The Java(TM) Boutique
Free CGI Scripts
Dreamweaver Tutorials
India Search Engine and Web Directory
Free Home Page Providers
  List of Homepage Providers
Fortune City - Free space

  Personal Pages @att.net
Web Services
  Message Board & Online Forum
Redirecting service

MegaConverter 2
  Counter, Tracker, and Statistics
Free Web Pages


  Graphics & Multimedia related links  
3D Modeling & Animation
  3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures
Free Meshes
Hiend 3D Models (for Sale)
Good 3D Human Models
Bryce Sample Gallery
Free 3DStudio Max PlugIns
3D Artists - Tutorials

  3D Employment
Download Area
Max3D - Main page
Zygote 3D Models
3D Ark
VFX HQ Digital Tools
  Macromedia Flash and Director      
  Asmussen Interactive
Tutorial-Clock in Flash
Flashgeek (embedding PPT)
Flash Source
Flash Tutorial - moock.org
Flash Kit

  Flash, 3D and Director resources
Flash 3 Reference & Tutorials
Online Text FX Demo Director Web
  Cool Flashers  
  Simply Superb Flash Site

  FlashGuru's Place On The Web
FlashMove Flash Community
Media Haus Kreaktiv Brasi
Funny Videos
Skyline Exhibition Stalls
Online Dictionary
  Shockwave Games
Indian Recipes
Beauty of a Sunset

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