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March 13, 2011


  Ruchitaprasad joined Jogula

Ruchita Prasad If you want to call a film a commercial film, then it should have songs, dance, some fight scenes and of-course a glamorous heroine. Off late, filmmakers added one more dimension to this list in the form of 'Item Dance'! This concept was started in Bollywood and has impinged the Sandalwood also. Bhavana did an Item Dance in film Ninagagi. Later in film Don Ruchita Prasad took that chance. As a matter of fact, some of her recent films like Pakka Chukka gave a lot of scope for so called 'glamorous' look where some of the dance sequences were nothing less than an item dance!

Now she got another offer in film Jogula which is a village story based film. S. Mahendar is directing this film while B.C. Patil is acting and producing it. Heroine is Vijayalaxmi of Nagamandala fame.

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