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March 13, 2011

Kalyan, Shivanna, Jayamala, Sai Prakash. On top - Shyam, Mohan, Dharma and Sharan
  Unique promotion of Rowdy Aliya

Shivrajkumar waving Kannada flag to start bike rallyFrom last few years Kannada film industry turned into film factory, which produces 90 to 100 films every year. Such mass production has resulted in survival question. Every producer of big budget film wants to do something new to be in the limelight. This led to the migration of bollywood singers to Kannada filmdom -- but became the norm soon. Kavitha Lankesh's film Preethi Prema Pranaya introduced a new craze of going mobile! Reliance mobile started giving PPP songs to their subscribers. Soon film Love of Auditha - son of Rajendra Singh Babu, joined hands with Airtel for publicity.

Film Rowdy Aliya took its own and unique way. On Kannada Rajyotsava day producer Mohan (Anand Audio) arranged a rally with 45 bikers who took part with Kannada flag followed by four Matadors with huge cutouts of the film. All of them were in the getup of Rowdy Aliya. The rally started from H.N. Kalakshetra. Shivarajkumar waved Kannada flag to start the rally. This troupe visited all major areas of Bangalore to promote the film through interactive questions and quiz to people of all these locations from morning till evening and giving away Rowdy Aliya film cassettes and T-shirts to the winners.

There is a strong relationship between H.N. Kalakshetra and Kannada film industry. Kannada film actors association used to gather at H.N. Kalakshertra every year on Kannada Rajyothsava day and honor many artists who served the industry for a long time. But it's sad that this habit is been discontinued -- recalled Jayamala and Shivrajkumar.

Rowdy Aliya has completed shooting and dubbing. There is a belief in the industry that
Bike rally to promote Rowdy Aliya filmthe fate of a film will be decided during dubbing. This film has received a fantastic feedback there, which made the producer to decided to go for DTS to his film. Saipraksh, director of the film is very happy with the outcome. He shot a song sequence in an untamed location of Pattadakallu. He complimented Shivarajkumar, Jayamala and Chaya Singh for their perfection in acting. Rowdy Aliya has seven songs composed by seven music directors to give seven different tunes. 'Hero Hero Hatrick Hero' written by K. Kalyan is Shivarajkumar's favorite song. He says its difficult to bring seven top music directors in a single film but Mohan managed to get hold of them. All seven songs are in synch but with difference. Hero Shivarajkumar too has sung for a number. Taking to viggy.com he disclosed his plans of entering the domain of direction by 2004. Jayamala, Sharan and Dharma who are the part of Rowdy Aliya were present in the function too.

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