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March 13, 2011



'Nanna Hendthi Maduve'- Sa.Ra. Govindu in action

Sa.Ra. Govindu in Nanna Hendthi Maduve Producer turned actor Sa.Ra. Govindu has launched his new film 'Nanna Hendthi Maduve'. Dakota Express fame Om Prakash Rao and Anu Prabhakar are accompanying Govindu. This film is produced by Manju and Venkatesh while State Award winner M.S. Rajashekar is the director.

Nanna Hendti Maduve is Govindu's second film. His debut 'Dadru Saar Dadru is due for release.

This is a family film filled with comedy. Director is trying to show the relation between husband and wife and the responsibility of the husband to protect his wife. Though actress Prema was selected as heroine for this film, she refused to act with Govindu and hence Anu Prabhakar got the chance.

As an actor, whether the president of 'Akhila Karnataka Dr. Rajkumar Sangha' Sa.Ra. Govindu be able to attract people or not will be decided only after the film release. But he is certainly one of the key person in the hit list of Tamil terrorists' gang, which was caught recently in Bangalore. He is receiving even threat calls according to news reports. Currently is been given police protection.

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