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March 13, 2011

Prema in Hay... Nan Bhishma Kano
  'Hey... Naan Bhishma Kano' film review

Pramodh Chakravarthi and LaxmiWhat people expect today is change, different and entertaining films when they spend two and half-hours in front of big screen. One needs to run the show with acting, style and presentation where story, concepts are no different from the usual. One such attempt is film 'Hey… Naa Bhishma Kano' directed by Surya who has given successful film like 'Durga Shakthi'. Regardless to say, this film is one of the best performances of Devraj in his film career. Unlike most films of his where he played police role who fights for justice against politics and corruption, in this film as Bhishma, he challenges Khaki, Khadi and Kavi that too in double role.

Story of the film revolves around two gangsters dealing with spirit (arrack). Innocent Bhishma (Devraj) who starts making arrack for livelihood takes 'talwar' to his hands after being thrashed by the rivals. Bhishma rules this kingdom later being a nightmare to police and politicians. How they fight for money and revenge, fix the politicians, police officers who lick the boots of these dons and play with life of a common man is the core theme of the film.

Is not an unusual story. But the perfection in acting of dynamic hero Devraj makes all the difference. Of course, makeup used for this elderly looking Bhishma is really adding life to the character. He has taken maximum care in every frame from chewing pan to walking style. He picked up a peculiar style of folding his hands back and stooping walk. In many scenes it reminds Kamal Hasan's film 'Indian'. Very powerful dialogs that suites his image are additional plus points. Attention taken to makeup Devraj is not shown with the same for Tara (plays wife of Bhishma). But as usual she is at her best when it comes to acting. Sai Prakash has a guest appearance. Prema who plays the role of an IAS officer has nothing much to talk. Shobraj as always the villain son of a villain father. Pramodh Chakravarthi, Michael and Bank Janardhan have done justice to their characters. Nothing special about the music nor the cinematography. Age old formulas of thrashing veritable carts in fighting scenes could have been avoided. Is a must see film if you want to see the maturity level of Devaraj's acting and him in action.

Direction: : Surya
Producers: Srinivas
Music: Chaitanya
Cinematography: R. Giri
Cast: Devraj (double role), Tara, Prema, Sai Prakash, Pramodh Chakravarthi, Laxmi, Michael, Bank Janardhan, Shobhraj

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