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March 13, 2011

Upendra and Nethanya in Kutumba
  Kutumba film review

Upendra in KutumbaUpendra who created a new trend in Kannada film industry by his creativity and innovative ideas is now trying to help himself to come out of his image by acting in a family sentiment film Kutumba. We can see the efforts of Upendra and director Naganna in this family plot which has love, jealousy, sentiment, action and everything that is required for a commercial film that is trying to bring Upendra out of his prefixed image. Uppi has deviated his default style to suit him to the formula film.

This remake film of 'Gang Leader' (starring Chiranjeevi) is tailor-made to suite Uppi's image and starts as a simple family story of three brothers Vivek (Ashok), Vidhyadhar (Gurukiran) and Vijay (Upendra) along with their mother. Second brother Vidhyadhar is sent to study IAS and he comes back as DC and marries police officer Shekhar's (Sathyaraj) daughter Megha (Shwetha). In the mean time Kanyakumari (Nethanya) enter their home in an unusual circumstance. Later Shankar Patil's (B.C. Patil)
Nethanya in Kutumbagang murders elder brother Vivek as he was one of the witnesses to the murder of MLA Indumathi. From then on starts the saga of revenge. What thrills you here are the electrifying fight composed by Thriller Manju.

Upendra certainly looks different from his typical style. But one can see the deliberately plugged in sequences to recall his earlier films. Upendra with his granny (M.N. Laximidevi) manages to make you laugh. Other plus points are the sharp and vigorous dialogs by Namjunda and music by Gurukiran. Two-three numbers from the films have become very famous already. B.C. Patil excels as villain after a long break. Nethanya is OK. In a nutshell, is a mass entertainer with a difference with Upendra's touch.

Direction: Naganna
Producers: S. Shailendra Babu
Music: Gurukiran
Cinematography: Sathish
Cast: Upendra, Nethanya, Shwetha, Gurukiran, Ashok, B.C. Patil, M.N. Laxmidevi

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