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March 13, 2011

  Mumtaz is now 'Slim and Beautiful'

It was a week back when we visited Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, where climax scene of Nalla starring Sudeep was being shot. Most of the key actors and actresses were part of the shooting including Sudeep, Sangeetha, Tara, Chitra Shenoi, Naveen Mayur, Shreenath, Bank Janardhan and one more girl who was looking some what familiar! She gave a broad smile at us as if she knows us very well. Someone in the film set said she is the other heroine. It was our turn to be puzzled! She came to us after completing her shot and said "hay, I am Mumtaz" All Mumtazwere shocked! We knew Mumtaz as a fat, bulky girl who stepped for an 'item dance' in film Kanti. We were zapped. Was difficult to believe our eyes. It was a new Mutaz all together.

She was 80 kg when she last visited Bangalore almost four months back she says. She looks slim and attractive after losing weight. "I was this slim before. Was not able to find out the reason for my overweight. Diet and exercises had no impact on my body. At last when I consulted the doctor, it was diagnosed that 'hormonal imbalance' caused this problem. Now with proper medication and regular exercises, I managed to reduce so much" says Mumtaz who was branded for item songs so far. 'The Bold and The Beautiful (!)' girl now looks 'Slim and Beautiful'. With her new 'look' she may bag better opportunities in the future. Nalla is her debut film as a heroine.

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