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March 13, 2011

Dilip and Dipali in Joke Falls
  NRI girl for NRI's film Joke Falls!

66 House on Bangalore-Mysore road is one of the beautifully maintained resort with very interesting landscaping. Atlanta Nagendra, the producer of Joke Falls and director Ashok Patil were not looking for the same old local locations often seen in Kannada movies and that's how 66 House grabbed their attention! The way they are very specific about their location selection, they were particular about their cast group as well. When we met the film crew last Saturday at 66 House it was Dilip and Deepali who were busy in shooting. Are these names sounding somewhat familiar? Yes, because it's the same Deepali of 'Nanna Preethiya Hudugi' fame of Nagathihalli. This NRI girl moved away from film world after her Kannada debut has come back again for Joke Falls.

Though born in Bangalore, Deepali grew up in the United States. Working for a healthcare consultancy company in the US, Deepali is not interested in Deepalimaking acting her profession - its just a hobby for her, she says! "Its difficult to get off from work. I was studying during 'Nanna Preethiya Hudugi' and the film was shot in the US itself during my vacation. So there was no traveling between India and the US" she added. There were some offers after her debut film but due to time constraints, she could not accept any of them. "Story and character should be good for me to sign a film" says Deepali who watched and liked Chup Ke Chup Ke - the inspiration for Joke Falls. Her part of the film will be completed within two weeks of her vacation.

Another hero, charming young man Dilip hails from Mumbai. Though Joke Falls in his Kannada debut, his other films are Kya Dil Ne Kaha (Hindi) and Repallelo Radha (Telugu). He is doing the role played by Amitab Bachchan in Chup Ke Chup Ke. Kannada filmdom is new to Dipil but he is excited and enjoying working with Joke Falls team. New addition to this film is Pallavi who will play the role of Kamala of its original version.

Sticking to strict schedule Joke Falls team has completed 19 days of shoot with 20 more days remaining. Shooting will happen at Karwar, Jog, Rangana Thittu etc. Dattanna, Sudha Belawadi, Sharan, Dilip and Deepali were part of the shooting at 66 House.

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