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March 13, 2011

Seventy glorious years to Kannada Talkies
  Seventy glorious years to Kannada Talkies

M.V. Subbaiah Naidu in film Sathi SulochanaOne of the richest filmdom of yesteryears in India includes Kannada Film Industry with enormous reputes and quality. We all even today cherish the glory it witnessed then. We salute those legends of Kannada filmdom who laid the strong foundation for everything what we have today. Here is a quick insight on this auspicious day for Kannada Film Industry entering 70 years!

March 3rd, 1934 is a golden day for Kannada Filmdom as that was the day when it witnessed the first ever Kannada Talkie 'Sathi Sulochana' having M.V. Subbaiah Naidu, Tripuramba, Lakshmi Bai, Y.V. Rao, R. Nagendra Rao, Padma Devi, Sheshachalam, D.V. Murthy Rao etc in the cast group under the direction of Y.V. Rao. This black and white mythological film produced by Sha Bhumatmal Chumanmalji and Shah Chamanmal Dungaji had 15 songs! Sathi Savithri, which was launched in the year of 1932, hit the screen at Paramount theater (is now Parimala and Pradeep theaters) on 3rd March 1934 - exactly 70 years back from now!

viggy.com discussion boardIt is celebration time for every Kannadiga and film professionals. We take this opportunity to create a platform for all you readers of viggy.com to express yourself, share your thoughts and help the industry see the glory back again. Today we are opening an exclusive Discussion Forum through which we all can start healthy discussions on different topics related to films. We strongly feel your opinion is the most powerful and effective way to let the filmmakers know what people want. We at viggy.com will celebrate this occasion throughout the year by presenting our exclusive chats and interviews with industry veterans every month -- straight to your browser! So go ahead and express yourself!

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