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March 13, 2011

Puneeth Rajkumar and Gowri
  'Mandya' sold before its launch!

Om Prakash Rao It's a strange world! If glamour is one part of it, 'fate' is the other face of showbiz industry. Success or failure is highly unpredictable here. There are plenty of people in our industry who suffered financial crunches despite of decades of service - be it an artist or a technician! N.S. Rao was one such example. His son Om Prakash Rao followed his father's footsteps for almost 15 years! Most of his projects filled the producers' pockets - not his! His directorial AK47, Simhada Mari, Lockup Death etc did phenomenal business in the box office. But ironically, success of a film increases the remuneration of an actor not the technician. And Om Prakash Rao is no exception. He remained there where he was 10 years ago. It was Darshan and Rakshita starrer 'Kalasipalya' that looted the box office changed the fate of this director. This combo became the buzzword in Gandhinagar. And obviously, like any other filmmakers, Om Prakash Rao is cashing on this popularity. A new film 'Mandya' under his own production is mounting on coming Friday (June 03). Darshan plays the lead role with Rakshita and Radhika here. Rao's debut production 'Tunta' has completed shooting except couple of songs.

To everyone's surprise, 'Mandya', the new venture of Om Prakash Rao is already sold before its launch! Can you imagine the faith and confidence he gained among the distributors' circle! Its indeed very rare in the recent past. A grandly designed launch invitation, which looks more like a brochure, is pretty catchy. Best of all, in the launch invitation, he expressed his gratitude to all the distributors who came forward and bought his product in advance. Lets hope the movie turns out good for everyone!
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