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March 13, 2011

Rambha and Ravichandran in film Sahukara
  Ranga Shankara - a dream come true

Shankar Nag was one of the most brilliant filmmaker, director, actor that Kannada film industry has ever seen. Though Shankar Nag left this world almost 14 years back, people even today cherish his innovativeness, creativity, simplicity and his dedication towards work. This dreamer equally valued the theatrical arts as much as he loved the silver screen. Creating a platform for theater artists, technicians and viewers under one roof was one of his dreams. And the result was Ranga Shankara. The visionary is not here today to see his dream baby but its his wife Arundathi Nag who took the sole responsibility on her shoulder to make his dream come true. Construction of Ranga Shankara has come to an end and will open its door to Bangalore by end of October. It will be a fest for all interested in theaters and theater related activities. A month long workshop is planned and veterans from all corners of the country will take part in this theater fair!

RavichandranIt has been an endeavor to execute and create this mammoth space in the city for such noble cause that is aiming at being a catalyst in a form of art that has touched millions across the world. Despite of financial constraints, Arundati Nag made it possible. Though she used to act in Shankar Nag films in the past, she stayed away from silver screen for many years. Dil Se was her last movie. Interestingly, she is appearing on big screen once again through 'Jogi' produced by Ram Prasad - owner of Ashwini Recording Company. Ms. Nag plays the key role of mother for Shivrajkumar in this movie directed by Prem.

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