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March 13, 2011

  Sada as a brave journo!

She started off in Kannada with Indrajith Lankesh's 'Monalisa' and turned on to be a lucky star! Her second Kannada project again starts with an 'M' and she not only plays female lead but also the role that challenges her acting skills! Yes, Sada is playing the lead role in Singh Babu film 'Mohini'. The film is briskly moving for an April 2006 release.

Sada"At the end of the day, my work must speak for itself, not just the glamour" says this actress who plays the role of a brave and intelligent scribe in this film. "Anniyan gave me a big break as an actress. People now recognize me as a glamorous 'actress' not just another good looking girl" says Sada who is very much inclined towards performance apart from maintaining her beauty. She has changed a lot from what she was in 'Jayam'. She looks much more matured and gorgeous. It's not a tough task to maintain her figure according to Sada. "In fact, I need to eat more if I have to maintain my current weight" she says! Sada is pretty conscious about her screen presence and recently attended a workshop on makeup in Mumbai. And her personal interest is simply enhancing her beauty a step ahead!
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