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March 13, 2011

Rajesh and Siddarth
  Kannada remake hits century in Telugu!

"We don't have creativity…" "we don't have good storywriters…" "writers don't have value here…" last but not the least, "we don't have good stories..." - the list goes on... This is the typical yelling often heard in Kannada filmdom. And is a never ending bleating of filmmakers and storywriters here. Whenever the remake issue is raised, these are the default concerns of everyone! And of late there are two distinct group of filmmakers - one supporting remakes and the other one opposing it. Everyone is talking about remakes from other languages to Kannada but there are hardly anyone who has the enthusiasm and interest to take our movies to other film lands. Of course, such attempts were made in the past but the numbers were so small, they went unnoticed many a time.

Producer R.S. GowdaBut a mega hits of a Kannada redid in other languages are not too many and that's where 'Puttintiki Raa Chelli' stands. The Telugu version of Kannada super hit 'Tavarige Baa Tangi' starring Shivrajkumar, Anu Prabhakar and Radhika was made in Telugu having Arjun, Meena and Swathi in the lead. And here comes the good news - released in April, Puttintiki Raa Chelli has completed 100 days in six centers! When R.S. Gowda announced his idea of making this film in Telugu, people here asked him sarcastically 'you think you can win there?' So were the industry people there who asked him 'do you think such stories win here?' Who can predict the success of a film? R.S. Gowda's Telugu production Puttintiki Raa Chelli marked the same success that he saw in Kannada -- beyond his expectation! Everyone in Kannada filmdom should feel proud about this landmark in the recent days. The same was made in Tamil too, but was not a hit. Now Padmalaya Telefilms who got the remake rights will make this film in quite a few North Indian languages including Marathi, Gujarathi and Bengali. Excited by the success, producer R.S. Gowda is now all set to launch a new film on sentiment theme having Sudeep in the lead. This film titled 'Maharaja' will hit the floors on August 5th under the direction of Sai Prakash.

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