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March 13, 2011

Sunil Rao and Ramya Krishna in film Baa Baaro Rasika
  Baa Baaro Rasika - film review

What is needed for a commercially successful film is a little comedy, glimpse of glamour, a stroke of sentiment added with sufficient suspense. People often use this formula with overdose in all areas. A perfect blend of all this is director Dayal's film 'Baa Baaro Rasika' starring Sunil Rao, Ramya Krishna and Ashita. The title of this movie is that of a song from Upendra's Raktha Kanneeru and moreover it was Ramya Krishna again who stepped for that song. So there was a lot of curiosity about this film. Dayal has done a neat job on this flick with simple narration and fast tempo.

Sunil Rao and Ashita Krishna in film Baa Baaro RasikaFilm starts with a college campus. The beauty is, it ends right over there as that scene is of Sunil's last of his college life. So no boring classrooms and lobby heroes. Movie takes a turn towards love in Sunil's life and there enters heroine Ashita. Serious about his career, the hero starts hunting for a job. So no 'typical' love songs in parks and pubs! He gets a job under a misandrist (men hater) Ramya (Ramya Krishna). There enters the villain. But till the interval, you will be wondering who this villain is! Soon this men hater starts liking Sunil who is younger than her. So a lot of scope for romance and glamour! Trapped between two ladies, Sunil at last comes out of the trammel. Why Ramya becomes a misandrist is suspense till the end. Sunil and Nagashekhar give comic relief throughout.

Sunil Rao and Ramya Krishna in film Baa Baaro RasikaThere is no 'solely' dominated character in the film. Sunil Rao's performance as a helpless employee, as 'rasika' is impressive. No second word about Ramya Krishna - both in acting and as glamour doll. Ashita too has a decent role of an ideal girlfriend. Nagashekhar goes back to Upendra's Raktha Kanneru mimicking his style- but still, its fun watching it! Baa Baaro Rasika gains a good speed till the interval and the director maintains the speed applying brakes at appropriate turns and twists. It was expected to see vulgar scenes as the story revolves around such relationships. But the director handled it very consciously without compromising on the subject. Music is average. Though the story thread sounds similar to Freaky Chakra and Ekh Chotisi Love Story, this movie has no influence nor similar. Baa Baaro Rasika is worth watching.

Direction: Dayal
Producer: G. Prasad Reddy and D. Sayendra Reddy
Music: Mahesh
Cinematography: Chandru
Cast: Sunil Rao, Ramya Krishna, Ashita, Nagashekhar, Ramesh Bhat, Tulasi, Indhudhar, Malati Sardeshpande, A.S. Murthy, Gamesh, etc

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