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March 13, 2011

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Naveen Mayur in film Poorvapara
  Poorvapara film review

Naveen Mayur, Geeta and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy in film PoorvaparaDollar dream and glitz of promising lifestyle is the ultimate aim of today's generation. But its difficult truth to digest for people who stick to their ethics, culture, sentiment and love for their homeland. Poorvapara is one such film that deals with the emotions of parents staying in India and son staying several thousand miles away from homeland! It comes as a fresh breeze on big screen - at least for Kannada filmgoers. Poorvapara based on the novel of eminent writer M.K. Indira written during sixties shows her vision, which looks like a real story today!

Poorvapara literally means 'antecedent and subsequent'.
Geeta and Chandrashekhar in film Poorvapara It also means Eastern and Western. There is a strong justification for both the meanings in this film. Film deals with parents staying in Shrigeri - a town amidst of untamed beauty of Malnad and son who sells himself to the enticement and gelt of Dollar dreams. The effort and emotional feelings of a helpless mother who wants to win her son back lost in the whirlpool of exciting American lifestyle is beautifully captured in Poorvapara. Its not just the mother, but even the son in dilemma who struggle to balance it. This makes the film look so realistic and sensational - full marks to director Kudavalli Chandrashekhar (of Edakallu Guddadamele fame).

Trained in the abode of legendary Puttanna Kanagal, the producer, director and actor Chandrashekhar has done a marvelous job in selecting the subject and leading each character. Having firsthand experience of American lifestyle helped him making every frame look realistic. Unlike America America or Nanna Preethiya Naveen Mayur, Geeta, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Chandrashekhar in film PoorvaparaHudugi, intention of this film was not to highlight USA's landmarks as a tourist guide but deals with Americas' social life and their busy lifestyle. Comeback of actress Geetha on big screen is a feast to watch - excellent performance by her. So is Naveen Mayur, a perfect fit for that role. Is debut for Lakshmi Gopalswamy - the heroine of the film. Srinath has small but very effective role. Cinematographer Bhaskar has done a good job on capturing the splendid beauty of Shringeri and amazing views of the US and Canada. Poorvapara is a must see film for A.B.C.D.s and people who have Dollar dreams!

Direction: Kudavalli Chandrashekhar
Producer: Kudavalli Chandrashekhar
Music: Prayog
Cinematography: Bhaskar
Cast: Geetha, Navin Mayur, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Shrinath, Kudavalli Chandrashekhar, Kitta etc

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