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March 13, 2011

Ravichandran in film Ramakrishna
  Ramakrishna - film review

Ravichandran and Kaveri in film Ramakrishna
Another remake to the list came this week in the form of Ramakrishna directed by Saiprakash. 20 year old Tamil film Anpavam comes back as new wine in old bottle. Looks like director was least bothered to polish the movie with contemporary touch; he followed the same equation that was used twenty years back! Though Ravichandran is one of the lead in the film, there is no trace to call this a Ravichandran film. It is Jaggesh completely who makes the film with his comic dialogues and unusual mannerism.

Story is based on mistaken identity. Shakarappa (Doddanna) wants his son Rama (Ravichandran) marry Laxmi (Laila) and by mistake Rama meets Seetha (Kaveri) and thinks she is the girl he is supposed to meet as per his father. They fall in love. But Shakarappa refuses to accept Seetha as his daughter-in-law and forces Rama to marry his friend's daughter Laxmi. Same way Seetha's father oppose her marriage with Rama. Argument continues till the end and who ties knot to whom opens up in the climax.

Jaggesh in film RamakrishnaSaiprakash's direction is so simple- you can easily guess the climax! Ravichandran shines only in two songs and two fights. He looks too dull throughout the film. May be because he wants freshness even though the film is remake. But in Ramakrishna he was just an actor! So is Kaveri. Nothing special to that deserves a mention in her case too. Its Jaggesh, Doddanna, Laxmidevi and Lalila who steal the show. Jaggesh make you laugh with rib tickling comedy dialogues. His mannerism makes the movie worth seeing. Sadhu gives overdose. S.A. Rajkumar has scored two good tunes though they are remakes! Cinematography by Sitaram is average.

Direction: Saiprakash
Producer: Balamuttaiah
Music: S.A. Rajkumar
Cinematography: Sitaram
Cast: Ravichandran, Jaggesh, Kaveri, Laila, Doddanna, Srinivas Murthy, Lakshmi Devi, Sadukokila etc

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