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March 13, 2011

Darshan in Suntaragali
  Suntaragali - film review

Is it a Sadhu Kokila film? That's the first question that comes to mind after seeing 'Suntaragaali'. Because Sadhu has established himself as a director with films like 'Rakshasa' and 'Rakhta Kanneeru'. But 'Suntaragaali' is a total letdown. It has nothing new to offer. How? Really want to know? Read the story first.

Darshan is Jaggi a small-time rowdy. Not again! As usual he is good for the good and bad for bad. He works for Rajahuli (Rangayana Raghu) another small time politician who has graduated from rowdism to politics. Rajajuli gets an election ticket for the Annamma Layout by-elections. He gets the support of Darshan and his gang. But, the opposition fields Lalitha Devi (Seetha) an honest social worker against Rajahuli. After many twists and turns, fights, songs, comedy and sentiment Jaggi finds that Lalitha Devi is his original mother. He also finds that the health minister Kalingappa is his father. What happens next? curious? then watch the film.

Compared to other Darshan films, this one is better because, those films used to revolve around only one subject called rowdism. This is one is better because it has an added ingredient like sentiment. That too mother sentiment. Darshan has not acted in any mother sentiment film till these days. So, it looks fresh, but the film has nothing new to offer except this. Apart from this, the film has all the ingredients for a pukka commercial masala film like mindless action, gore blood-shed, nonsense comedy and useless songs etc. But Darshan gave hint of changing his rowdy image through this film.

Darshan is comfortable in his role as he has done similar action films like this before. His entry gets a great applaud. Rakshitha has nothing much to do apart from sing and dance. Fans will be definitely disappointed as there is in no skin show by her. The real surprise of the film is as usual Rangayana Raghu. His Rajahuli character makes you laugh. But the same cannot be said about Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Praskash. Both are supposed to be comedians in this film. But they fail in their job miserably. Umashri, Seetha, Satyajit, Ashish Vidyarthi are good.

Technically the film is not worth a mention. Nothing remarkable about photography. Except two songs the rest are loud. Dialogues by Ranga and Soori are sometimes a treat and sometimes a curse.

Direction: sadhukokila
Producer: Sudha, Kadoor Umesh
Music: Sadhukokila
Cinematography: Anaju Nagaraj
Cast: Darshan, Rakshita, Rangayana Raghu, Manya, Ashish Vidhyarthi, Shobaraj, Sathyajith, Bullet Prakash, Sadhukokila, Suja etc

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