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March 13, 2011

Girish Kasaravalli
  Nayi Neralu ready for the release

Director Girish Kasaravalli is back with his latest offering 'Naayi Neralu'. This film is produced by Basantkumar Patil and is based on the novel of the same name by famous writer S.L. Byrappa. The film has already been completed and censored also. It has also been sent to some of the famous International film festivals. The film will hit the theatres soon. Before that Girish Kasaravalli met the media persons at Hotel Basanth Residency recently and shared his experiences about the film.

Ananya and Pavitra Lokesh in Nayi Neralu'Naayi Neralu' the novel talks about a very complex subject like reincarnation, which cannot be brought to the visual medium so easily. Asked how he has adapted the novel to suit the audiences, Girish Kasaravalli said, 'Reincarnation is the major crux of the novel. We have done some major changes in the film with the permission of the author. In the film, reincarnation is just a part. We have just tried to say that how three generations of one family reacts to one incident. The first generation reacts to it in a more religious manner and the third generation reacts to it in a more rational way. But what will happen to the middle or second generation? It neither can't go this way nor that way? I have tried to explain this through many incidents. You will definitely find the essence of my previous films here. The film will be visually stunning. This film has given me utmost satisfaction. I hope people will also like the film' he said. Girish Kasaravalli has all praises for Pavithra Lokesh who is the main protagonist of the film. 'I found it very difficult to find a suitable performer to that role. Somebody told me about Pavithra Lokesh's performance in 'Guptagamini'. I was very much impressed by her performance and offered a role to her. She really has done very well to my expectation. My daughter Ananya Kasaravalli has also done a major role. Sringeri Ramanna who has done the father's role has given his best performance. He is of the Veteran actor Ashwath's caliber. The hero has also given justice to his role' he said.

Pavitra Lokesh'I didn't do this film for any award. Acting in a Girish Kasaravalli's film is itself an award.' This was stated by the main protagonist of the film Pavithra Lokesh. This is the first offbeat film for her. 'I have acted very casually in this film. I didn't do much homework. During the entire process I didn't ask him what I was doing or why I was doing this. I just did what the director said to me. After the film Kasaravalli complimented me for my performance' gleefully said Pavithra.

Basantkumar Patil was also present at the occasion. He shared his experiences about how he got the novel rights to do this film. 'When we first asked him the rights, he said he will give it to me if Girish Kasaravalli will direct this film. Otherwise no. So, I and Girish went with the script he had done. Byrappa was immensely happy with the script. He just gave the nod in few minutes. He also gave full permission to change the novel according to our needs. After completing, we screened the film for him. He is happy with the total outcome of the film. He wanted to speak about the film. But he couldn't come to the press conference today, as he is busy writing another novel. So, he will be talking to the media over the phone' he said.

Next came Byrappa's voice over the phone. He seems to be really impressed by the film and Girish Kasaravalli's direction. When asked for his comments about the film, he said, 'It's nearly 40 years since I wrote this book. Since then my thoughts about the whole theme have changed to some extent. I don't say Girish Kasaravalli's thinking is also same. But I am quite satisfied about his sincere attempt in making of the film. I had given him complete independence to him before this film was launched. I have seen the film recently. It appealed to me very much. I won't give the rights of my novels to anyone unless I find him really able to do such a project' he concluded.

'Naayi Neralu' has many firsts to its credit. For the first time on the Kannada silver screen Havyka Kannada, Hubli-Dharwad Kannada and Halakki Kannada will be used for this film. Havyaka Kannada dialogues will be written by Gajanana Sharma, Hubli and Halakki Kannada by Vyshali Kasaravalli and Vishnu Nayak. This film is also the first cinemascope film by Girish Kasaravalli.

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