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March 13, 2011

Upendra and Prethi Janghiani
  Omkara as Uppi's B'day gift

Often we see filmmakers showing the spending in crores but the result on the screen makes you think is it really a film made with that budget… Quality looks cheap. Editing looks poor. Audio sounds pale… Then where does the money go? May be for non-productive activities! To create hype through media! To be in limelight always! Contrast to this is R.S. Production's Omakara starring Upendra. The first press meet called by them was during its launch and now the second to tell that the film is ready! Yes, Omkara, yet another film with high expectancy directed by Shivamani has completed its shooting and is all set to hit the Shivamaniscreen by third week of September if everything is ok. Film has come out superbly says the director. Producer of repute Kanakapura Srinivas never cut corners if the movie demands it. So the money he spent is seen on the screen says Shivamani. Songs are shot in Switzerland and even in Mumbai. Shivamani gives an example. Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai is one of the sensitive places. During the shooting there, money paid to rowdies in the protection racket used to sum up to almost 2 lakhs a day! But the story demanded that location and hence the producer was not concerned about his pocket. He is happy, as the outcome is good.

Omkara is an answer to other language films says the lead actor Upendra. "We have far excelled in all aspects" says Uppi who is not just an actor in this movie but also penned the dialogues. So one can expect yet another Raktha Kanneeru where dialogs were key for its success. Also Shivamani has taken help of Uppi's direction skills at times! Omkara is based on the involvement of underworld gangsters and their activities in Mumbai and Bollywood. Uppi plays the role of a common citizen while the heroine Preethi Jhangiani plays the role of a Bollywood actress.

UepndraWhen asked whether you are planning to go back to direction, Uppi says 'oh yeah… I want to…' When? "Everyone says I should write stories, make scripts and direct films with my own dialogues. I want to do them all too. But when I am on it, I should be totally free from all other tasks. I should sit alone somewhere... I cant stand the Five Star hotel rooms to dig out my creativity. I used to sit in the lobby of a house with no one around except a boy to get me some grub (rice and sambar) from somewhere. The 'creator' within me comes out only in such atmosphere. I do not want to limit myself to acting. I do want to direct but don't ask me when… I cant answer…" said this trend setter of Kannada filmdom. Somewhere in the corner on our mind the glimpse of his films Shh…. A, Upendra etc flashed by.

September 18th is Upendra's birthday. Omkara is expected to hit the screen as his birthday gift on September 17th. Rahul Dev is appearing as villain while cute girl Preethi Jhangiani plays opposite Upendra.

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