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March 13, 2011

Kumar Govind - director of Satya
  'Satya' - Kumar Govind's next

Yeah… It's the age of publicity. A good product with bad publicity could turn vulnerable. At the same time, sheer hype without any substance too Kumar Govind - director of Satyahas no commercial significance. Ironically, many filmmakers think being in limelight or hitting the headlines every second day is secret behind the blockbusters! And they are ready to go to any extent to be there! Groundwork, subject matter, casting, presentation and execution take backseat with such people. However, there are exceptions… For them, the primary focus is their film… After all it's their baby! Then comes publicity. Actor, producer, Kumar Govind is one such person who is foraying into direction with his latest production - Satya.

'Shh…' is a film that haunts many even today is Kumar Govind's debut film as a hero and as a producer. His subsequent production Anuraga Sangama proved him as a producer who is concerned about quality filmmaking. Now he has ventured into direction in a subtle way and is moving briskly in locations outside Karnataka. Beaches of Mumbai, sand dunes of Rajastan, Heroine of Satyasnow covered Himalayas… etc are captured in its splendid beauty by this debutant director. Since he himself is a producer, director and the lead actor, there is no hurdle for him and Kumar Govind is trying to explore the best possible ways. He is not an anti-publicity person however. "I'm not comfortable to trumpet about my project much before I complete something to talk about" says this sensible producer-director. Except editor Suresh Urs, entire cast and crew is new to film world. This film is about the search for love! Curious to know more? Stay tuned!

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