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March 13, 2011

Shivarajkumar and Mayuri in film Sarvabhouma
  Sarvabhoma - film review

We often see films based on jingoism and enmity from Prahar to Pukar to Bhagath Singh to Sainika. Addition to the list is Shivrajkumar starrer Sarvabhoma directed by Mahesh Sukadhare. It is yet another effort on similar lines for director Sukadhare of Sainika fame while Sarvabhoma is a challenging experience for Shivarajkumar. When it comes to the movie as a whole, its better to ask what is not there instead of asking what is there in the film - Indo-Pak war, ill treated war prisoners, conditions of Pakistan jails, stamp paper racket, church blast, traitorous politicians, political connections of underworld goons - the list goes on with added commercial 'masala'. Performance of Shivarajkumar and Mayuri along with emotional yet powerful dialogs by B.A. Madhu are the big plus of the film while background score by Hamsalekha is the biggest negative factor.

Shivarajkumar in SarvabhoumaFilm starts with the emotional attachments of mother Basanthi (Mayuri) and son Jeeva (Shivarajkumar). And till the interval, it is no different from any other Shivarajkumar movies. Major twist starts when Subhash (Shivarajkumar) enters the scene. 'An anti-nationalist has no rights to live' is the principle of Subhash - a war captive soldier. While 'mother is everything. I slog for the one who saved her life' is the philosophy of the son who becomes a puppet of criminals. Story takes turns and twists. Director surprises you now and then! Its Shivarajkumar who steals the show in father's role. He has done a superb job and at times reminds his legendary father Dr. Rajkumar. He adapted a peculiar dialog delivery style and body language. So is Mayuri in mother role. Though she is in coma most of the time, its her silent expressions that talks! Amazing actress.

Shivarajkumar and Mayuri in film SarvabhoumaDirector Sukadhare makes it clear that the story is nested keeping Shivarajkumar's image in mind. So there are unwanted fights and dances impeding smooth flow. Lassie Shilpa Shivanand is simply a waste. Apart from the leads, its Sharth Lohitashwa as an apostate Home Minister, Capt. Deepak Divekar in Gen.Musharraf's look alike and actor Sharan who makes an impact. Vikram - son of Ravichandran has a small but effective role. Dialogs by B.A. Madhu deserve a special mention but it is Hamsalekha who spoiled the impact through his noisy background score. Still is worth watching the movie.

Direction: Mahesh Sukadhare
Producer: R. Jagadish
Music: Hamsalekha
Cinematography: Mahendar
Cast: Shivarajkumar, Mayuri, Shilpa Shivanand, Capt. Deepak Divekar, Sharath Lohitashwa, Sharan, Rangayana Raghu, Vikram, etc

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