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March 13, 2011

Master Kishan
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From: crm@guinnessworldrecords.com
To: kiss_shri2003
Subject: Guinness World Records
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 18:22:51 +0100

Thank you for your enquiry regarding your intention to attempt the record for 'Youngest film director'. We have attached our recommended guidelines for this attempt, which provides you with all the details you require to make your attempt. You should ensure that all those participating are aware of the contents of these guidelines, and your attention is drawn to the authentication we require when you come to make your claim.

The current record is :
The youngest director of a professionally made feature length film is Sydney Ling (Netherlands, born. 20 November 1959) who directed Lex the Wonderdog (Netherlands 1973), a thriller of canine detection, when he was 13 years old.

The attempt for a new record is:
Kishan (India,Karnataka,born 6 January 1996) who is accepted to attempt the record by directing the movie c/o Footpath(India, Karnataka 2005),a story based on the life of slum children and he is 9 years old.

However, you may wish to check with us again closer to submitting your full claim to be sure that a new record has not been set in the interim. If you should require any further information, please do let us know. Otherwise we hope that the event goes well and look forward to hearing the results. Wishing you the very best.

Yours sincerely,
Scott Christie
Records Research Services

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