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March 13, 2011

  A chat with director Aarahti

Will she succeed?
This was the question that came to everybody's mind when Aarthi the star actress of the yesteryears became a director with 'Mitayimane'. One year down the lane, everybody is of the opinion that Aarthi has succeeded in her directorial debut. Recently Aarthi had held a preview of 'Mitayimane' for the press and well-wishers. Viggy.com chats with Aarthi about her directorial debut.

Q. Everyone who has seen this movie has liked it. How do you feel now?
A. Well, all the credit must go to my daughter Yashaswini. Actually, it was she who got the idea of making this film. After coming back from America, we visited many relatives and friends of ours. There we saw many small children working for them. When asked what are they doing instead of going to school, our friends used to say that the children are from villages and since there is drought, they have taken the responsibility of looking after them. They also said that they are doing a favour to the country by helping such poor children.

AarathiYashaswini felt very bad about this. She used to ask me how can anybody make a favour to the country by making children work at a very small age. She made an extensive research about the child labour in India. We were shocked to know that presently 62 million children are working in India and the number is increasing every year. We wanted to create an awareness among our people to stop child labour. So, we took up this film. I am happy that everyone has liked the film. I feel satisfied if atleast four people stop child labour and give education to child labourers.

Q. What is the significance of using German folklore 'Hansel and Gretel' in your film?
A. Whichever may be the country, but people think alike. Their behaviour is same. Maybe, the film is based on a German folklore, but the situations are very apt for India. In the folktale the children go to forest, in the film they come to the city. Both the protogaonists mistake the Candy House of being sweet. But they have bitter experience when they enter the house. So, we wrote this story based on 'Hansel and Gretel'.

Q. Don't you think the ending of the film is abrupt?
A. Well, I really didn't know what conclusion I had to give because I myself didn't know what the ending would be. Moreover, I didn't want the film to be sloganish. I just tried to explain that ultimately tears is an end to all this. So, I have ended this film in tears. That's all.

Q. Of late you have bid adieu to acting. Why is it so?
A. No, no. I haven't said goodbye to acting. The problem is I haven't got a good role. I have got many offers. But not a single one which has scope for acting. Moreover, my second daughter is studying S.S.L.C. I don't want her education to go haywire because of my acting. That's why I remained out of acting. If I get good offers I will definitely continue acting.

Q. Any plans of directing another movie?
A. Not at the moment. I don't have any plans of directing another movie with my money. If somone comes forward for producing a movie, then I don't have any problems of directing it.

Q. What's your opinion about the current crop of movies?
A. Frankly speaking, nothing much has changed. In those times we used to dance in Kemmanagundi. These days, it is Bangkok or Singapore. Only the artistes and the locations have changed. That's all. The rest are the same. That too the basic plot of film making is still the same.


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