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March 13, 2011

Actor Ravichandran
  "I've learnt to be a good student!"

Trailblazer, multifaceted actor, filmmaker Ravichandran needs no introduction. He is a household name not just as an actor, but also for his sincerity and commitment towards his work. After decades of experience in the film industry, Ravichandran has learnt something. "I've learnt to be a good student,…" he says! Read on to learn more.

Q. Off late you are more into acting than directing films?

Yes. What I have realized is, two people can't drive the same car at the same time. Apart from acting, I used to help the directors all these days. I used to share a lot of valuable suggestions. I have been doing all these as a value addition to the project. On the other hand, many people don't like my involvement and consider it as an interference in their work! So, I will do what I have been asked to do. I will be a good student from now. If any producer approaches me, will definitely direct the film. I have my own production banner however and I will be directing films under it. But I won't be involved in others' projects unless they ask for my suggestions.

Q. Is this the same reason you opted out as a director from 'Odahuttidavalu'?

Definitely yes. Actually I was supposed to do that project. I had also asked the dialogue writer Malavalli Saikrishna to pen the dialogues. But producer Manju was somewhat hesitant to handle the reigns of the film. May be because I take longer production time! He was keen to have veteran director Saiprakash as the director. I was also supposed to give music to the film. I dropped that responsibility too to remain as the lead actor.

Q. When are we going to see director Ravichandran again?

Direction has taken the backseat considering my schedules as an actor. 'Odahuttidavalu' has just been released. Shooting for 'Ravi Shastry' is completed. I am left with 'Neelakanta' and 'Ugaadi'. After these two films I am doing another film called 'Thukaram'… More films are coming my way. So, direction might take some time.

Q. You were supposed to do a film called 'Naa' starring yourself in seven different roles. What happened to that?

I can't start 'Naa' immediately. It's a complex project, which requires a lot of groundwork and attention. I will be representing 'Arishadwarga' in the film. It will be a commercial flick with loads of entertainment. Viewers will see themselves in this film. Technically it will be very different. I need a high definition camera, which I have already ordered from Germany.

Q. There is a buzz in the industry that you are attempting a new genre of cinema?

Yes. I am planning for one of its kind film in the world cinema. Storytelling will be completely unique in this movie where the first half deals with some incidents and will leave the guessing work to audience! It gradually unveils in the second half of the film. Paperwork is already on for this project but I can't tell you the exact launch date. But it might start in a couple of months.


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