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March 13, 2011

Still from Deadly Soma
  "Why are we not rewarded?"

His debut directorial Deadly Soma has hit the bull's eye and naturally director Ravi Srivatsa is happy with the success. His debut film itself has completed 50 plus days. Admitted, the prerelease period and the initial weeks of post-release had been traumatic. "The theater crunch has made the serious impact on the film. Like me, this was the first experience even for the producers. I was nervous when we came to know that we have to vacate Santhosh Theater but at the same time, I was confident about the success. Even after the shift from Santhosh to Aparna, this film did well. But it would have earned more if it continued at Santhosh" says Ravi Srivathsa while talking to viggy.com exclusively.

Ravi Srivathsa"At the outset, I knew no one would risk their money on a new comer like me. I started my film career as a writer. I wrote scripts and dialogs for many films. I strongly believe that a good writer could be a good director too. Writer pens his thoughts on paper while a director brings it on celluloid. The later requires the orchestration ability plus the technical aspects but creativity is the base for both. It becomes much easier if you direct your own story. Deadly Soma was not my story however" Srivatsa admitted.

"When I got Deadly Soma offer, I was under a great obligation. They have invested so much trusting my abilities and was a huge responsibility. I was not ready to compromise on anything, which would affect the end result. And also directing a subject like Deadly Soma was not an easy task. Even a slightest mistake can make sever adverse impact on general public. None of my team members were happy with the climax including my producers who wanted a happy ending. But I was firm on not to glorify Soma who was a criminal. I wanted to show that the law and order is still working and there are a few efficient police officers around. And it is great that people liked the climax!" he says.

Our conversation panned from director's chair to a writer's desk. "Being a story writer, I can say, director's position is much better. There is no value for writers here. After Deadly Soma many producers approached me. But nothing is concrete yet except a project for Shailendra Babu. I don't know whether they (other producers) are not happy with my story or not confident about my capabilities as a director" blinks Srivatsa. His genuine concern is about not utilizing original stories and local resources. "Producers are ready to spend lakhs of rupees to get remake rights from Tamil and Telugu but are not willing to pay a few thousands to writers here. A producer recently hired a writer from neighboring state and paid him 8 lakhs! What the heck? Why are we not paid for a much better work that we do! There are very good writers in Kannada but nobody is utilizing them. It's high time. Newcomers like me and Rathnaja (Nenapirali director) should do something and make some good original films." he says confidently. His fury was about people who think grass is always greener on the other side of the fence!

"Shialendra Babu will produce my next film. No blood shedding this time. I am looking for apt casts. This project is expected to kick start by mid of January next year. Soon I will be starting a production house of my own in association with Rajanna, one of the producers of Deadly Soma. Under this production house, we aim to produce some good movies. Everything was good so far in my life. I hope the future is going to be better…" Our conversation ended here and a new life begins for Ravi Srivatsa!


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