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March 13, 2011


  Romantic Duets "Ninna Kanasugalalli" album donated to AKKA by Akash Audio....

Ninna KanasugalalliAkash Audio has produced a collection of Romantic Duets "Ninna Kanasugalalli..". This has been specially produced for AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas of America) conference. Mr. Madhu Bangarappa, the owner of Akash Audio has decided to donate this album to AKKA, USA. AKKA really appreciates the generosity of Mr. Madhu Bangarappa. This is a collection of poems by well known poets, Dr. N.S. Lakshminarayana Bhatta, Prof. Dhodda Rangegowda, Mr. B.R.Lakshman Rao and others, set to music by Mr. Raju Anantha Swamy. "Moodal Kunigal Kere.." fame Ram Prasad has sung all these songs along with Nanditha, Archana Udupa, M.D. Pallavi etc.

There are 8 songs
1. Ninna Kanasugalalli
2. Yellidhdharu Naanu Ninadhe Dhyaana
3. O.. Ariye Naanu
4. Kannanchinalli Hoobaana Chelli
5. Nannedheya Bhaavaneya
6. Yentha Seletha Ee Preeti
7. Modhala Raathriya
8. Nenapidheya O Gelathi

Click here to listen to them

This album will be released and sold during AKKA Conference (Aug 30th - Sept 1st 2002). All the proceeds will go to AKKA conference. Information on availability of this album in the market is not yet been announced.Click here to read the glimpse of lyrics

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