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March 13, 2011


  A.T. Raghu - "give me work..."

One of those successful director knows as 'minimum guaranty' director A.T. Raghu tells the industry - "I'm having tough time… But not comfortable asking for help because of this. Offer me work. I'll work and recover my lost life"

A.T. RaghuIt's a sad moment for Kannada film world to hear such words from a senior director. This dignified person stands separate from the crowed that blame the profession for self-made mistakes and plead for help. He doesn't want any ones consolation for the sake of it. Instead, he requests the industry to give him projects. "I don't know anything other than film world. I've to live within this world. Anything is fine whether its a small role or a director. Let me work and live" says Raghu with tears. All his tough time started when he produced a film 'Kaali' five years back. "I faced a lot of problems after directing the movie and I have not been able to release the movie till today. Besides, one of the actors died and we had to reshoot his portion incurring a lot of expenditure," says Raghu who has directed more than 30 films in Kannada. To overcome this debt, he sold his house. His family went to in-laws place. Raghu spent some time in Madikeri at his brother's house…

No one from the industry came to help in his hard time. When he thought of suicide, Anathnag who was the broadcast minister helped him by giving a television serial direction. Currently Raghu stays in a rented house in Basaveshwar Nagar. He is a guest in his own land!!! Thank god… at last, there are some good news to Raghu… is back in action with a movie Talwar. The shooting for Talwar begins on July 5. The film is produced by Gurudat Musuri and Jayasimha Musuri. "It is an action-orented film with a sentimental touch", says Raghu. The hero comes to town to earn money for treating his blind sister. He sells his swords (Talwars). In one of the murders, the police find that the sword used in a murder is that made by the hero. So the hero is sent to jail where he meets a good samaritan. The story takes a turn here. Devraj plays the lead role. Search is on for heroine. "I've changed myself according to current trends" says Raghu with confidence. Lets hope to bring the smile back on Raghu's face.

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