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March 13, 2011


  Combination of Crazy Star and Superstar

Sudip and InduThis news will sound interesting for both Kannada film industry and film viewers. Crazy star Ravichandran and superstar Upendra are planning to give a big hit to the Kannada film industry. Whole industry is wondering how this south pole and north pole will combine to give a big hit. This combo may do well in the box office as in Indian film history many multi-star films did very well in box office. One such example is 'Sholay'. Box office collection of that film was great and so far it has not possible for any other film to break that record. Even today if 'Sholay' is released, the box office collection of that film will be more than any other film. Keeping this type of dream in mind, Ravichandran is thinking about his new film with Upendra, through which he is hopping for success once again. One of his recent films 'Ekangi' flopped. This was a mega budget film. Immediately after release, Ravichandran found that people did not like the climax of the film. Within two-three days he changed the climax. He spent almost 40 lakhs for this second version of 'Ekangi'. At the same time another film 'Kodandarama' with Shivrajkumar is also failed to bring success to him. He is not worrying that people did not except his film but he is thinking where he is going wrong? Why he failed to understand his fans? If he finds answer to all these questions, his next film may succeed. But how, nobody knows. Because, the way in which both Ravichandran and Upendra picturises emotions in their films is different. Ravichandran always give importance to his film heroine. In his films he respects his lover and her love. But Upendra's films are of different theme. How these two different mentality people will cop with each other to give a big hit is really an interesting thing.

Combination of these two crazy minds may give one meaningful output. This experiment may become a positive sign for their success. Nowadays in Kannada film industry many experiments are in action. People are excepting new trends. Time will tell… dedication and endurance offcourse…

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