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March 13, 2011


  Another ex-Carmelite to make her debut

Minal Another ex-Carmelite is all set to make waves in the Kannada film industry. Minal Patil faced the camera for the first time at the Kanteerava studio when the movie Janani takes off. The movie has Kushboo's brother Shiva playing as hero. "In fact, I have had great interest in acting since my childhood days. In schools, when everyone said they would become doctors or engineers when they grow up, I always said I want to be seen on television and the big screens. Such was my interest in acting. In fact, nobody from my family was in the entertainment industry." As an inmate of Basava Residential School, Minal took interest in dancing, acting and extracurricular activities. "But today,my dream has come true. I will be an actress and will continue to be in this field for long," says Minal who says she is more interested in acting than studies.

"I have worked to be an actress. I got a lot of offers, but I was very selective. I liked the script and story of Janani and I want to involve myself in the film cent percent. I want to involve in the selection of costumes and also in dialogues" said Minal. Her role in the movie is that of happy, bubbly girl. "The director, hero and I are new to the field. So it is a challenge for all of us. I see the brighter side of life in the movie." Minal likes strong roles even if they are small. "The role should be such that it should have impact on the audience. The people should remember the role." Minal has great interest in trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing. "I am a rough and tough person. I want to prove that I am a good actress too. Only then will I have the satisfaction of taking this profession. I am confident of proving it" All the best Minal…

Actress Jayasudha is coming back to Kannada film after 10 years through 'Janani'. Her last film was 'Nee Tanda Kaanike'. The name Janani itself says that it must be a sentimental film. It is an emotional story between a mother and a son, a mother who never saw happiness in her life. This is a story of a mother who always got painful experiences throughout her life. Senior producer Chandoolal Jain's son Rajkumar is directing this film. Actor Mohan has written the story and dialogue for this film.

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Another ex-Carmelite to make her debut

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