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March 13, 2011

Prema & Rockline
  'Balarama' - 'Dheera' Rockline Venkatesh shines again

Joining the bandwagon of big budget film producers taking to acting, which is a latest trend in the Kannada film industry, 'Dheera' Rockline Venkatesh has been cast in the lead role in Balarama (his second movie as a hero). His previous movie - Dakota Express - a comedy, in which he co-starred with film director Om Prakash Rao, was a runaway success. Balarama is a completely different with Rockline being cast in a serious role. Remake of Telagu film 'Erra Mandaram' which was released ten years back, Balarama is about the glorifying the character of an innocent and young poor village man, who ultimately revolts against the tyrannical rule of the local landlord. As for the story line, there is nothing new and Balarama has shades of the Shankar Nag starrer Rakta Tilaka.

Balarama (Venkatesh) is an honest and sincere bonded laborer working for a Landlord (played by Avinash) in Mandya district. Despite being fully aware of the crime perpetrated by the landlord on the village-folk, he remains silent out of fear. Balarama, Who weds Sevanthi (Prema), witnesses a crime committed by the landlord. When he brings the matter to the notice of the police, Balarama is put behind bars on trumped up charges. After undergoning punishment for no fault of his, Balarama returns to avenge the injustice. Rockline Venkatesh has been in the film industry since a long time and it is not a wonder to see him acting with ease. Be it emotional or comical scenes or stunts, his performance gives an impression that he is not new to the acting department. May be, he needs to re- think about the make-up.

Prema is impressive, but on occasions her dialogue delivery (that of rural Kannada) appears artificial. However, the dialog credit goes to its dubbing star. It is Avinash, who steals the show. He makes his presence felt in whichever frame he makes an appearance. Karibasavaiah and Doddanna lend humor to the film. Music by Hamsalekha is bringing back his old charm in three songs.

Director Mahendar succeeded in not making the film look like photocopy of its original film 'Erra Mandaram'. With his consecutive success of remake films 'Vaali', 'Ninagagi' and 'Balarama' Mahendar now is a hatric director!!

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