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March 13, 2011

Prema & Rockline
  Neela Megha Shyama - good responce to new entry

radhika & srijan
Several knotty questions including 'who translated Vatsayana Kaama Soothra to English?', 'What is the eleventh chapter of its second part?'... List goes on and on... Failing to answer these questions is as good as literally demonstrating what third chapter of first part of Vatsayana Kaama Soothra - that's kissing. These are the samples of betting between Neelamegha and Shyam - two college teens. They bet bet and bet for love, having the condition that if Shyam win the bet, she will love him. Regular love story with a different treatment with masala wherever required. This film reflects the talent of Director Raj Kishor. Played around a college campus, this film has many new faces including heroine Radhika, hero Srujan, Laxman, etc. Radhika's performance is really good in various situations. Even Srujan's acting is adding life to the movie along with that of Shobharaj. Though its not a super hit movie, worth a watch to see Radhika and Srujan in action.

"Srujan was against acting, theater, etc in his childhood. He never use to like we acting. But he got 'best actor' award in a drama in his college. We saw the talent in him at time" told Girija Lokesh in a press meet.

Direction: Raj Kishor, Producer Ms. K. Padma Gopal, M. Narasimhaia, D.K. Devendra and Raj Kishor. Music: Prashant Raj. Cinematography: Chandrashekar

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