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March 13, 2011

Prema & Rockline
  Prema Quidi - Old wine in new bottle

It seems the Kannada film makers are competing to produce more and more films, be it an original or re-make. As the tittle suggests, the movie is all about 'Prema' (love) and 'Quidi'(prisoner). Prema Quidi, is the re-make of Hindi movie by the same name which was released some years ago in which Harish and Karishma Kapoor had played the lead roles. The Hindi version became quite popular as it was released after a long gape of movies based on love themes such as 'Quayamat Se Quayamat Tak' and 'Maine Pyar kiya'. However in the present times, when a series of such movies are hitting the screen, Prema Quidi just becomes one among them. The movie takes off with the college life of Vijay (Vijay Raghavendra) and Nanadini (Radhika) who are classmates. While Vijay is a poor man but a martial art champion, Radhika - a rich girl, is a swimming champion and both are into teasing each other. However one such prank proves costly and Vijay is pot of the collage. However, Vijay's poverty forces him to work at Nandini's house and a 'kiddish challenge' thrown up by Nandini and its consequences lands Vijay in Jail. Their love continues in jail also, to which the new jailer Kiran (Pragathi), Extends her total support.

Though youngsters might like Prem Quidi as they might try to identify with one of the characters in the movie, it some times appears that the movie goes to extremes as in one of scenes where Kiran is forced to kill her son, which seems a little bit dramatic though it appears that it was her duty. This apart, Nandini's pranks too appear unrealistic. Coming to the acting part, many a times Radhika's acting appears artificial unlike in Ninagagi (which was released recently).

Whoever, new comers Pragathi as jailer and Ashok Rao as Radhika's father have performed very well and worth mentioning. Prem Quidi is shot in and around the coastal areas and photographers has successfully captured the beauty of nature, which is a bonus for the viewers.

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