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March 13, 2011


  Ninne Preetisuve -
a genuine attempt to add value to the word 'different'

While everyone says 'this is a different film', the word different has lost its importance in Kannada film world. However, 'Ninne Preethisuve' is a genuine attempt to mean different at least in the climax and story line.

Kalyan (Ramesh) goes to a village as bank manager along with his assistant Rajesh (Sharan - brother of actress Shruthi). With a warm welcome from the villagers, he stays in a house opposite to that of Meghamala (Raashi). Meghamala, everyday, for one or the other reason visits Kalyan, comes to his house, puts 'rangoli' in the morning, brings hot water for him… No wonder, Kalyan falls in love with this beautiful girl Meghamala. But she out rightly rejects Kalyan when he proposes their marriage saying she never fell in love with him. This gives the twist to this triangular love story. Why Meghamala was visiting Kalyan everyday? Who is Shreenivas (Shivrajkumar)? What was his role… etc forms the rest of the film.

While the first half is full of comedy, the second half is filled with catchy dialogues. Sharan tried his best to make people laugh. In some cases, he looks a little over acting. Mukyamanthi Chandru and Lokesh stands out as usual in 'in-law' roles. Its Raashi who steal the show. Shivrajkumar in Army suite could have been better. His dialogs with his fiancée and 'bhavi maava' looks artificial.

One thing that might appeal to many is the dialog from B.A. Madhu. Music by Rajesh Ramanath is an average. Now people should decide whether it will be another 'Nammora Mandaara Hoove' or not.

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